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How It Works

Productivity Is Prime

Ehubber is all productivity. Providing information, data, and access to individuals and organization aiming to boost their productivity scale should be simple. Learn how Ehubber works!

Locate Productivity Centers Locate any tech hub, coworking space, and event near to you.

Find Interesting Place

You can search for areas of interest, local events, trendy restaurants or just things to do.

Check Reviews

Determine the quality of goods and services from local shops and choose the best place.

Make a Reservation

Contact listing owner and reserve a table online for lunch or dinner or rent an apartment.

List A Business

As a tech hub, coworking space owner, and event organizer, Ehubber offers your business the availability to list any tech hub, co-working space, and event by location.

Businesses can add listing using our paid membership subscription plans. Using Ehubber dynamic search feature, users and customers can easily locate areas for productivity closer to them with ease.

Seach On-Demand

We understand that finding that coworking space, event, or tech hub might prove hard for you. That’s why you can find any tech hub, co-working space, and event by location using Ehubber dynamic search feature to locate areas for productivity closer to you with ease.

Find any tech hub, co-working space, and event by location using Ehubber dynamic searh feature to locate areas for productivity closer to you with ease.

Reserve Bookings

Users can reserve spots at e.g. tech hubs, coworking spaces, and events. You can choose a date and time slot or a specific hour if time slots are non-set – in this case, a time picker will be displayed in the booking widget instead of time slots and guests will be able to make reservations only during the opening hours range.

Book ahead of others and reserve your space on any occasion to get productive using the Ehubber booking feature.

Listing owners can set a booking fee so users can be also charged for reservations. Business owners can also configure a maximum number of guests per reservation and extra paid services.

Pay Securely

What’s more – you can charge fees for every booking service! If the owner of a listing with a business booking service will set a fixed price of $50 for each day, our and set commission is a 10% fee for booking service, we will get $5 and pay the rest ($45) to the business service/owner.

Business managers get an additional “Wallet” page in the dashboard where they can check the summary of earnings from bookings, payouts history, and set payout method.

Front-End User Dashboard

An easy-to-use front-end dashboard for individuals and business management is something that’s essential for day-to-day business operations.

We figured that an interface to manage all resources and requests is the best to do, and that’s why we deployed the Ehubber Crymium 2.0 dashboard interface.

Ehubber features a user-friendly front-end dashboard where listings, bookings, packages, profile details, and private messages can be easily managed.


Users can choose check-in & out the date, number of guests, or extra service and send a request to the host to book a reservation. Once the host accepts the requesting user can be charged for the entire amount at a reserved time (payments are processed through Flutterwave).

The host can manage the availability calendar, set regular price per night, weekend price, or even define the custom price for any day he wants. Managers can also enable price per guest (booking cost will be multiplied by the number of guests) and define maximum guests per reservation.


Online ticketing system for any type of venue or event. Businesses can add event listings on their website while also sell tickets for those events. The listing manager can set the start & end date of the event, ticket price, and the number of tickets available.

Core Features

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Personal bookings
  • Direct messaging system
  • Booking management system

  • GPS mapping system
  • Direct locale spoofing
  • Wallet/payment process system
  • Adding listing system

  • Generate coupons
  • Review management system
  • Bookmarking for users
  • User profile management

  • Claim listing
  • Constant support system
  • API advanced integration
  • Compatibility with mobile

Producitvity Cities Explore countries our systems power

Why Ehubber There are numerous reasons to use Ehubber

Find Support

You get access to tons of support pipeline from live support to documentation and more.

Manage Wallet

Determine how to get paid, when to get paid and to which bank account or gateway.

User Security

You get total front and back-end security of individual and users using Ehubber.

Productivity Centers

You can search for areas of interest, trendy tech hubs, coworking spaces or just things to do.

Enterprise Needs

Ehubber is designed for Enterprise needs too, to manage operations for businesses.


Businesses using Ehubber get access to tool and services to boost scaling.

Companies We’ve Worked With We can assist you with your innovation or commercialisation journey!

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