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About Us

Enhancing Ease of Productivity

Ehubber is all productivity. We are aimed at providing information, data and access to individuals and organization aiming to boost their productivity scale.

Locate Productivity Centers Locate any tech hub, coworking space, and event near to you.

Find Interesting Place

You can search for areas of interest, local events, trendy restaurants or just things to do.

Check Reviews

Determine the quality of goods and services from local shops and choose the best place.

Make a Reservation

Contact listing owner and reserve a table online for lunch or dinner or rent an apartment.

About Ehubber An overview in to the hub finder

Just like the computer network hub, a connection point for devices in a network (Webopedia, 2018), the term ‘tech hub’ is simply a physical space (can be remote), a city, a suburb (like computer village Lagos), or a collective suite of offices whose aim is geared to help technology stay companies succeed, and scale up.

Tech hubs create an environment specifically targeting the up build of young technology companies thrive by encouraging: incubation, fast tracking, helping such firms network and collaborate with like minded individuals or enterprises.

The major goal of a tech hub is to grow ideas. We believe that everyone has the right to access a place where they can incubate and build on their ideas and innovation regardless of price, logistics and miscellaneous phenomena.

Accessing the best and cheap tech hubs, and coworking spaces on your finger tips isn’t always easily available. Thus in most cases, Google and other search engines don’t help the situation. This was why in 2017 researcher, educationist and entrepreneur Uchechukwu Ajuzieogu discovered a method to help people locate tech hubs, coworking spaces and events near to them. During this time, he referred to the program as “hubblehubs”. 

Later in 2018, Uchechukwu Ajuzieogu would later partner with Economist and Data Analyst – Ifeanyi Akawi, a close friend of his to build the new version of “hubblehubs” now called Ehubber.

Pre-launched in 2019, Ehubber is a directory based service platform to find, book, list tech hubs, coworking spaces and events across the globe. Every day, more listings providing access to tech hubs, coworking spaces and events near to individuals locale are listed.

Ehubber is aimed to simplify the process for individuals and businesses who run tech hubs too. From managing bookings, payouts, and events ticketing systems, Ehubber is leading the transformation change for enterprise development while boosting productivity for everyone.


Core Features

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Personal bookings
  • Direct messaging system
  • Booking management system

  • GPS mapping system
  • Direct locale spoofing
  • Wallet/payment process system
  • Adding listing system

  • Generate coupons
  • Review management system
  • Bookmarking for users
  • User profile management

  • Claim listing
  • Constant support system
  • API advanced integration
  • Compatibility with mobile

Producitvity Cities Explore countries our systems power

Why Ehubber There are numerous reasons to use Ehubber

Find Support

You get access to tons of support pipeline from live support to documentation and more.

Manage Wallet

Determine how to get paid, when to get paid and to which bank account or gateway.

User Security

You get total front and back-end security of individual and users using Ehubber.

Productivity Centers

You can search for areas of interest, trendy tech hubs, coworking spaces or just things to do.

Enterprise Needs

Ehubber is designed for Enterprise needs too, to manage operations for businesses.


Businesses using Ehubber get access to tool and services to boost scaling.

Companies We’ve Worked With We can assist you with your innovation or commercialisation journey!

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